ICEF2017, 'Insurance: Connected' - Executive Forum - Tuesday, August 29, 2017, at the Toronto Sheraton Centre  

2017 Executive Forum
“Insurance: Connected”

Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Toronto Sheraton Centre

Presentation topics include:
The Future of Insurance is InsurTech
• Matteo Carbone, Principal, Bain & Company

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  • July 4: Claims 2017: Distinctly Driving Digital
    I suggested previously that claims and risk management are taking a prominent place in digital transformations. Here, I will describe potential impacts and possible time frames.
  • June 25: Is Insurance the Future of InsurTech?
    InsurTech is the hot topic this year, and for good reason. In the effort to improve consumer engagement, InsurTech's new technology-driven construct is showing value. But can we envision base insurance principles being stretched in service of modernity?
  • June 18: Home Insurance: Engagement Rising Through Collaboration
    When I started working in the insurance industry, a very wise (if somewhat cynical) colleague gave me his analysis of the product: “Insurance is dead simple, but trained professionals have spent 300 years making it impossible to understand.” This could be a theme which explains – and which caused – a current disruption trend.
  • June 11: Cyber Risk: The Mother of Innovation
    For the last two decades, insurers have introduced products intended to respond to cyber risk, but the offerings have lagged behind the technology risks. As we enter the new era of the Internet of Things, the risks will expand exponentially, but so will the opportunities. Are we ready?
  • June 4: IoT as a Virtual Risk Manager
    The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone beyond a passive monitor of activities to become an intelligent nervous system for the world of devices and people. As a result IoT could be the largest opportunity for improving the business of insurance.
  • May 28: Could Claims Challenge Existing InsurTech Priorities?
    While the majority of InsurTech activity leans towards marketing, underwriting, sales, and product service, there is growing interest in streamlining and improving claims reporting and adjusting. Could this mean that Claims disruption is on the horizon?

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