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Success in insurance sales is at least in part determined by the amount of new business which a producer writes. Although there are several steps to closing new business, they all start with new prospects. Once identified, a producer will direct a prospect through the sales cycle, and when successful a piece of new business results.

Although other steps may be difficult, many opine that finding prospects, especially qualified leads, is the toughest of all. As a result there are many programs and approaches that a producer can implement to help find those prospects, and there are services which will help find them for you. The really successful sales business probably employs several approaches at the same time, in order to maintain a steady stream of sales.

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Qualified leads at an affordable price is the best lead generation service available to the broker community. Brokers only pay when consumers, given rate estimates, provide their contact information and are interested in completing a transaction.

Brokers only pay for qualified leads, complete with contact information, for the carriers and territories desired. Receive quotes for personal auto & home insurance. generates tens of thousands of leads a month for our subscribing brokers and seamlessly integrates leads with a leading broker management system.

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